Work Permits for foreigners in Iran

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Work Permits for Foreigners in Iran

Work Permits

Foreign citizens shall not be employed to work in Iran unless they have an entry visa entitling them to specified work and have obtained a work permit in accordance with the relevant statutory regulations.

It is necessary for Iranian side (employer) to obtain the work permit for his foreign employee and the final approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran in a month after such entry. Foreigners can also establish a legal entity in Iran and apply for working visa and permit for themselves and their employees.

The Entry visa entitling to a specific work is valid for a period of 3 months.

The Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare shall approve the issuance of working visa and permit, provided that:

(a) According to the information available to the Ministry, there are no qualified Iranian citizens with similar specialization who are ready to perform the work in question;

(b) The foreign citizen possesses sufficient knowledge and expertise for the job in question;

(c) The expertise of the foreign citizen is used to train Iranians with a view to the subsequent substitution of the foreign citizen by a trained Iranian.

Any employer who employs a foreign citizen without a work permit or expired work permit is subject to imprisonment from 91 to 180 days.  In order to prevent the presence of illegal foreign workers in the labor market, the Ministry is in charge of collecting fine from employers who employ illegal foreign employees, equivalent to five times the minimum daily wage

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