Quick Guide to Import/Export Formalities

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Import Duties

The import duties mentioned in the tables of export/import rules and regulations includes the base value of products and the trade profit.

Base Value

Customs duties, taxes, registration charges, all types of tolls and surcharges collected from the imported merchandise will be collected to form 4% of the customs value of the commodities. The collection of these charges plus trade benefit that is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers is called import duties.

Forex Resulting from Export of Services

The foreign exchange income resulting from the export of technical and engineering services, hotel management, trade services, transit and transport, human services, incomes by the Iranian laborers and staffers working abroad and other special services at the discretion of the Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with other executive bodies, will be called export forex revenue. All anticipated privileges and promotional policies for the export of commodities will be equally valid and enforceable for the export of services.

Countries Singing Preferential Tariffs with Iran

The following countries have signed preferential tariff treaties (discount on boarder trade) with Iran: Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, Cuba, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan and Venezuela.


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