Huge potentials of Iran for the export of non-oil goods and services

Iran has an area of 1.6 million. sq. kms. Its population is estimated at some 64 million, 12 million of which live in the capital Tehran. Iran shares borders with Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It has coastlines along the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea, and the Sea of Oman. Iran is […]

Iran Direct Taxes

What are the various types of direct taxes? According to the Law of Direct Taxation, there is s direct tax on real property, undeveloped land, inheritance, income earned from agricultural activities, salary, professions, corporations, incidental income, and aggregate income acquired through various sources. However, depending on specific cases, exemptions and discounts are also available.   […]

International Business Law – 5 International Business and Trade Law “Gotchas”

International Business describes all commercial transactions that occur between two or more businesses that operate in different countries. If this sounds like a rather broad, general description, you’re right, it is. This general definition includes investments, sales, both private company and government transactions, and commercial transportation actions. However, there are a number of “gotchas” for […]

Hassan Rouhani: Pushing to Free Iran From U.S. Restrictions

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran will be on a mission at the General Assembly that could have a bearing on whether he keeps his job: getting the United States to stop blocking bank transactions with Iran. The historic agreement between his country and the United States and other world powers over Iran’s disputed nuclear work was […]

What You Need to Know About Doing Business in Iran

US sanctions, enacted in 1979 and strengthened in subsequent years, resulted in many American and European companies restricting their presence in Iran or exiting altogether. Many sanctions banning financial, trade and business transactions still remain in place, so most US companies can’t do business there. For non-US companies, many sanctions have been suspended, and most […]

Iran to be Self-Sufficient in Gasoline

Spokesman of Parliament Energy Committee, Assadollah Gharakhani, says once the first phase of Persian Gulf Star Refinery is complete, the country will be self-sufficient in gasoline and will no longer need to import it. Gharakhani told Shana that the refinery will use gas condensate as its feedstock to produce gasoline He said producing high quality […]

After a Taste of Doing Business in Iran, P&G Is Eager to Re-Engage

ZURICH—Like many Western firms, Procter & Gamble Co. is eyeing new opportunities in Iran following the relaxing of trade sanctions earlier this year. But for a Swiss subsidiary of the U.S. consumer goods giant, Iran already is a very familiar market. Starting with market research in 2003, and culminating with more than $100 million in […]

Commercial-Industrial Free Zones of Iran (Part 2)

Commercial-Industrial Free Zones Incentives and advantages for investment in Trade-Industrial Free Zones 1-Tax exemption for 20 years from the date of operation for all economic activities 2-Foreign investment and nearly a hundred percent of the amount invested. 3- Freedom of entry and exit of capital and profits 4- Protection and guarantees for foreign investments. 5- […]

Iran Tile Industry

Iran is a leading country in the production of tile and ceramic. Based on the rich history of Iran in producing soil-related materials such as cement, concrete, ceramic handicrafts, etc, many modern and traditional companies and workshops are established in various provinces of Iran. Iran is mostly a deserted country with vast dry and hot […]

The Importance of Business Relationships in the Middle East

Intercultural Awareness Intercultural awareness training is sometimes perceived as a luxury within the business world. Many who feel this way are also proponents of the misconception that because the “world is getting smaller” our differences are becoming less obvious and less of a problem. This is in fact false. As we get closer, our differences […]