Iran Tile Industry

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Iran is a leading country in the production of tile and ceramic. Based on the rich history of Iran in producing soil-related materials such as cement, concrete, ceramic handicrafts, etc, many modern and traditional companies and workshops are established in various provinces of Iran. Iran is mostly a deserted country with vast dry and hot regions and deserts. Kavir and Loot deserts are two famous Iranian deserts in the center of Iran. Consequently, most tile and ceramic factories are located in central cities like Yazd, as a leading tile producer since the basic and main material for producing tile and ceramic is soil and clay.

More than 20 tile factories exist in Yazd and its suburbs. Most of these factories apply modern technologies to make tiles and ceramics but there are still some traditional tile workshops in Yazd. The area has a rich and suitable soil for tile and ceramic production which motivates a great number of factories to apply for tile industry. Accordingly, this profitable industry provides a wide range of job opportunities for Yazdian university graduates and all the youth who has got required capabilities.

Unfortunately due to the low level of technology in Iran, especially packing and production technologies, most machineries, technical parts and devices are imported from Europe and eastern Asia (mostly countries like China, Italy, Spain, Russia,…). Modern European technology brings European technicians with itself to Iran as well. Millions of Euros are paid every year for the purchase of tile machineries and service providers which makes Iran a suitable target market for foreign tile companies.

Nowadays, Iranian tiles and ceramics are exported to various countries and make a considerable profit for company owners. Competitive market in tiles and ceramics urges the manufacturers to update their machineries frequently and apply international designing standards in their production lines. Marketing and commercial strategies also got significant as the necessities of higher sale and profitability.

In summary, Iran tile and ceramic industry is an outstanding profession in The Middle East which covers a wide range of related industries and provides vast financial opportunities for all involved in this field. It also makes a very beneficial market for international companies who are interested in tiles and ceramics business.


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