South Korea to Help Develop Iran’s Capital Market

South Korea’s Vice Chairman of Financial Services Commission Jeong Eun-bo said Seoul plans to help Iran develop its capital market. Bilateral cooperation between Iran and South Korea has gained momentum following the removal of anti-Tehran sanctions, Jeong said, Yonhap news agency reported on Tuesday. He made the remarks in a recent meeting with Shapour Mohammadi, […]

Tehran Stock Exchange : The Regulations on Securities Listing

Tehran Stock Exchange The Regulations on Securities Listing In applying the provisions of article 30 of the Securities Market Act of the Islamic Republic of Iran enacted by the Parliament (Islamic Consultative Assembly) in November 2005 and in view of article 16 of the Executive Bylaw thereof approved on June 24, 2007 by the Council […]

Western Insurers Target Iran

Reuters reports that Iran is in active talks with insurers to provide cover in a market valued at $9 billion last year, and potentially double that in the next decade. This is despite the fact that Iran has secured ties with only a limited number of smaller banks as U.S. sanctions remain in force, following […]

How to Invest in Iran`s Stock Market (Part Two)

There are some other methods which help you decrease the risk of investing in Iran`s stock market. Experts in this field suggest that new comers form a share basket. The share basket means that the investor should buy different shares from different companies (not all shares from one company).  Forming a share basket helps investors […]

How to Invest in Iran`s Stock Market (Part One)

In past 10 years, Iranians used to deposit their capital in bank accounts because the rate of bank interests were high and attracted many people with different financial status to deposit their money in Iranian banks. Recently, the government reduced bank interest rates to inject people`s capital to the body of the society, use the […]

Foreign Investment in the Iranian Exchanges and OTC Markets

Upon the recommendation No. 22159 of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance on April 11 2010, and by virtue of the paragraph 3 of article 4 of the Securities Market Law of I.R.I ratified in 2005, the Council of Ministers approved “The Regulations Governing the Foreign Investment in the Exchanges and OTC Markets” on […]

The Law for Development of New Financial Instruments and Institutions

Article 1: The following definitions shall apply for the purposes of the terms and phrases used herein: a) Investment Unit means the uniform securities issued by the mutual fund and shall, in return for the investments made by individuals/entities in the fund, be delivered to them recording the specifications of the fund, investor and the […]

How to Transfer Money Internationally in Today`s Iran

Due to recent sanctions on Irans banking system, nowadays it is difficult to transfer money to/from Iranian banks. This is a great problem as it will hinder trading with Iranian companies and is considered the most trouble-making obstacle on the way of Iran`s commercial and economic development. Importation and exportation will face a huge obstacle since money […]

Securities Market Act of The Islamic Republic of Iran

Securities Market Act of The Islamic Republic of Iran Chapter One – Definitions and Terms Article 1‐ The following definitions shall apply for the purposes of the terms and phrases used in this law: 1. Securities and Exchange High Council means a council which is formed under article 3 of the present Law and is hereinafter named […]

The Anti-Money Laundering Act

The Anti-Money Laundering Act Article 1: The general principle applies to the accuracy and veracity of commercial transactions subject of article (2) of the Commercial Code unless the contrary is proved in accordance with the provisions of this law. The individuals’ exercise of effective control over their assets and properties, if it is combined with […]