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Unlike major business capitals around the world, we could not mention a limited area as the only business and financial district of the city. Grand Bazaar of Tehran with more than 200 years of background as a business center, nowadays is mainly host of commodities and traditional retails. Other businesses are distributed in some main streets. For example Bucharest St. and Vozara St, two main streets near Argentine square are host of main financial companies and banks. Some of Oil and petroleum companies are located in Sheikh-Baha’i Street and Mollasadra Street. But it could be said that main companies are located in all these business streets.

Also based on annual report of 100 most valuable Iranian Companies by Industrial Management Institute which is called IMI100, by review of locations of these companies in the city, it reveals that Region 6 and Region 3 are main hosts of most IMI100 companies headquarter offices and their branches.


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