Major differences between sanction and Post sanction Iran’s Economy

Sanctions, and Post Sanctions Opportunities Iran’s economy is a mixed economy type with a very large public sector. Some economists believe that the public and semi-state sector contributes to over 80% of total economic activity, it has a GDP of about USD1 trillion by purchasing power parity (PPP). However, growth slowed after the global economic […]

Some Truths About Iran`s Business

Economic Freedom Snapshot 2016 Economic Freedom Score: 43.5 (up to 1.7 points) Economic Freedom Status: Repressed Global Ranking: 171st Regional Ranking: 14th in the Middle East/North Africa Region Concerns: Rule of Law, Open Markets, and Regulatory Efficiency Overall Score Change Since 2012: +1.2 As a direct result of political oppression and deficiencies in the legal […]