Tehran Metropolitan Commercial Area, Commercial Area Status

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The Grand Bazaar (shopping center) of Tehran and the Bazaar of Tajrish are the biggest old bazaars in Tehran. Grand Bazaar is considered as the main traditional commercial area of Tehran. Located at the Arg Square in Southern Tehran, it is split into several corridors over 10 km in length, each specializing in different types of goods, and has several entrances. Today, the Grand Bazaar is still an important place of commerce. However, much of the trade and finance in the city has been moved to the Northern Tehran. In addition to the traditional goods on sale, the market for watches and local jewelry is apparently growing, most likely for the benefits of tourists. As is in keeping with the market spirit, tourists are encouraged to haggle. The bazaar is busiest around midday, and between 17:00 and 19:00.

Shopping districts such as Valieasr St., Shariati St., and Mirdamad Blvd. have a wide range of different shops. A few of the well-known malls across the city include Kourosh Shopping Center, and Hyperstar, and smaller shopping centers such as Tandis, Golestan, Palladium Mall, Arg Tajrish, etc.

Most of the international branded stores and upper class shops are located in the northern and western parts of the city, while the rest of the shopping centers are located across the city. Tehran’s retail business is growing with several newly built malls and shopping centers.

According to an old urban study on the evaluation of the potential areas for building new commercial and business centers in 2006, Regions 6, 3, and 2 obtained the first rankings, while 19,22, and 9 were ranked at the last stages. But nowadays Region 22 could be considered as a good region to build new commercial centers, as so many residential projects are under construction in region 22 and the city is expanding to the west.

In recent years due to recession in housing construction, commercial construction became very common in Tehran. It’s estimated there is more than 60 under construction shopping centers in Tehran.


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