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According to Tehran Master Plan, most of areas in Tehran are categorized by 4 major groups, Mostly Residential areas (R), Most Service and business Areas (S), Mixed used areas (M) and Green areas (G). Meanwhile, some areas which municipality considers suitable land for High-Rise Buildings are specified with Code H. these lands are relatively big size lands with codes R263, M111, S121, S125, and S211, but total lands qualified for High-Rise Building are about 1,000 hectares comparing with 65,000 hectares of total lands in Tehran.

If a developer aims to construct a non-residential building in a land with Code R to S or M, it should refer to a commission in municipality called Commission Article 5. The below activities and documents are necessary to form a file in Commission Article 5:

  • If the project is a Residential into Sport, Hotel and tourism, or Hospital, a letter from related organization which declares necessary permissions is issued. For example in the case of building hotel, the developer should first receive permit from ICHTO.
  • Inquiry from Municipality appointed Consulting Engineer company
  • Preparing architectural plans and details of all stories.
  • A complete report including situation of the land in Master plan and current and suggested plans in case of lands above 10,000 sqm prepared by appointed consulting engineer company.
  • Inquiry from Traffic & Transportation Organization in case of lands changing from Residential to Commercial & Office
  • Inquiry for vote of Commission Article 12 (related to Urban Lands) for lands above 3,000 sqm is necessary.
  • Inquiry for vote of Commission Article 7 (related to environment issues) for wooded lands above 500 sqm is necessary.

Cost of changing land use is quite different even for two neighboring lands, but the process for setting the costs is negotiable.

Commission Article Five or its common practice name committee number 5: it’s a commission which based on urban planning law of municipalities makes decisions about changing lands use from Municipality Master plans.


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