Tehran Commercial Area Boundary, Type of Business, Floating Population

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Modern commercial areas of the city are expanded across main streets such as Valieasr St., Mirdamad St, Africa Blvd., Shariati St, etc. Valieasr St. is a tree-lined street dividing the metropolis into western and eastern parts. It is the longest street in Iran and Middle East with 17.9 kilometers which a commercial area with so many shops emerged across it from Rah-Ahan Square in south to Tajrish Square in northern part of the city.

In addition to the Commercial Street, there are some shopping centers around the City.

Milad Nour Shopping Center which is built in Shahrak Gharb in 1999 is one of most popular shopping centers in Tehran with average 10,000 daily visitors. Also some modern shopping centers such as Tirajeh Shopping Center, Boostan, Golestan, Donyaye Noor, and Tandis could be called the first generations of Shopping Centers after revolution 1979.

But in recent years, an emerging interest in building shopping centers is growing. Arg Shopping center, Palladium, Sam Center, Modern Elahieh, Kourosh Mall, Tirajeh 2, Samarghand, etc. are some newly built famous shopping centers. Almost all of these centers are located in the half north of the city and most of their capacity is dedicated to the clothes, beauty products and other retail products.

Also in some areas such as Region 17 special malls and shopping centers for furniture and carpets have been constructed.

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