The Securities Market Act of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Executive Bylaw

Article 1- The definitions given for the terms and abbreviations used in Article 1 of the Securities Market Act of the Islamic Republic of Iran ratified in November 2005 will also apply to the terms and abbreviations used in the present bylaw. For the purposes of other terms and abbreviations used herein, definitions are provided […]


UK Banks rebuff Govt push to Boost Iran Trade

According to a report from Reuters, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has rebuffed efforts by the British government, a major shareholder, to coax the lender into facilitating trade with Iran. Following the lifting of sanctions, and in anticipation of the UK leaving the European Union (EU), British officials have sought to boost business ties […]

Under construction houses

Recommendation for Construction Market in Iran

Real estate market in recent years has changed drastically. Nowadays there are so many shopping centers under construction, also however there‚Äôs a real need to new hotels, but at least 25 new hotels will be added to the market in next five years. Just the market of International standard offices is somewhat virgin. Nevertheless, Tehran […]


Foreign Investment in real estate development Of Tehran and Iran

There is no exact statistic or reports about foreign investment on real estate development in Tehran and Iran, but according to an article, the second rising wave of Foreigners visits in real estate agencies after lifting sanctions has emerged in summer 2016. This group of visitors are more eager to find office units or buildings […]


Recommendation for best Location for Mixed Development & Business centers & offices

Region 4 District 3 Located in north-east, it is combined of three neighborhoods: Pasdaran, a high-end area, Hossein Abad an upper-middle area and Lavizan-Shian a green upper-middle area. There are 4 main High-ways Hemmat Hwy, Sayyad Hwy, Imam Ali Hwy and Babaei Hwy around this District. Also Pasdaran Street is a relatively high-end street located […]


Office Market in Tehran

Office market in Tehran is affected by different conditions. As economy of Iran is a relatively oil dependent and close economy, therefore main large companies have a state based nature, as the budget of these companies is related directly or indirectly to Oil revenues, they tend to buy their offices even it is not the […]


Setting up & Registration of a Company

a) Limited Liability Company 1- Introduction (What is a Limited Liability Company?) A Limited Liability Company is a company that forms among two or more individuals for commercial activities , each partner is responsible to company debts and commitments only up to his/her asset amount not considering the whole asset has been divided into stocks […]