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Region 4 District 3

Located in north-east, it is combined of three neighborhoods: Pasdaran, a high-end area, Hossein Abad an upper-middle area and Lavizan-Shian a green upper-middle area.

There are 4 main High-ways Hemmat Hwy, Sayyad Hwy, Imam Ali Hwy and Babaei Hwy around this District. Also Pasdaran Street is a relatively high-end street located in its west border.Also there are 3 Subway stations of line 3 , located in this District.

The most important advantages of this District is its relatively good land price, having land with S use and closeness to main business districts and streets.

District 5 of Region 6

District 5 in Region 6 is a mostly business area which streets such as Bucharest, Vozara, Argentine Sq. part of Valieasr St., part of Gandhi St. and part of Africa Hwy are located in this area.

This District is close to Hemmat Hwy and Modarres Hwy.

District 5 of Region 6: despite its relatively high land prices, it obtained top ranks mainly because it is a business area with relatively high prestige and its land use is suitable for Hotel/Office/Retail Project. Also District 5 is very close to other business districts.

District 3 of Region 2

An upper middle class area which is outside Traffic Zone, District 3 has 2 main neighborhoods: Geisha and ShahrAra. Geisha is an old upper middle class neighborhood in which Milad Tower is located. District 3 of Region 2 has good access to highways such as Chamran Hwy.

Price Rate, suitable Land use and relative closeness to Business districts are the main advantages of this District in addition to being outside Traffic Zone Border.

District 6 of Region 3

The most hot spot Vanak square is located at the center of this District. District 6 is a very commercial and business area. Which is located between Kurdistan Hwy, Modarres Hwy, Niayesh Hwy and Hemmat Hwy. part of Valieasr is in this District and reputable buildings such as Kian Tower, Negar Tower are here.

It is a business district with a good prestige but with high land prices.

District 2 of Region 4

It’s a small District close to District 3 and has similar condition except its lower prestige.


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