Tehran Stock Exchange Overview

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TSE Future Outlook

  • Increasing the number of listed companies, improving market liquidity
  • Enhancing TSE brand and promoting the transparency as the company’s image
  • Further development of technology infrastructures to enhance market surveillance
  • Developing financial knowledge and improving investment and shareholding culture in Iran by  educational programs and use of mass media to reduce investment risks and increase transparency
  • Developing channels of knowledge-sharing with other exchanges
  • Derivatives market expansion by introducing new options contracts
  • Introducing new kinds of ETFs
  • Introducing new kinds of project funds
  • Increasing the volume of floating stocks
  • Expansion of debt securities by introducing Islamic treasury bills and participation certificates



Launching a fair, efficient and transparent market equipped with diversified instruments and easy

access to create added value for the stakeholders



The region’s leading Exchange and country’s economic growth drive



  1. Increasing the share of capital market in financing the economic productive activities
  2. Applying effective rules and procedures to protect the market’s integrity and shareholders’ rights
  3. Expanding market with the use of updated and efficient technology and processes
  4. Developing financial knowledge and improving investment and shareholding culture in Iran
  5. Facilitating market access by means of information technology
  6. Observing accountability and transparency in cooperation with the stakeholders
  7. Constant expansion of the company’s intellectual properties and human resources


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