Upcoming Iranian New Year (Norouz)

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According to Iranian culture, Iranians celebrate coming of new year which is coincident with coming of Spring. New year celebration which is called “Norouz” starts from March 20th and lasts for 13 days. Almost all offices and organizations are off for four days (March 20th to 24th).

In Norouz, people visit each other`s houses and buy gifts for everyone, especially kids. Before Norouz, they clean their houses and town as well and also buy good, delicious fruits and foods to enjoy the starting days of new year joyfully.

Many Iranians arrange their trips for Norouz as they are free to travel and remove the tiredness of their working days. Compared to other countries, Iranians have more free days and the most important of them are Norouz free days. Norouz is also celebrated in other Persian speaking countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, etc.

No matter what this celebrity is called or how it is held, what really matters is that all family members gather and travel and experience the best days of the year. Iranian delicious sweets are prepared in great deals to complete the joyfulness of Iranian parties.

Hope to see you in Iran in Norouz.

Happy New Year


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