Importing Process in Iran (Part 1)

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By the advance and development of business and commercial policies in recent years in Iran, many foreign companies and traders have entered Iran and started their business in a wide range. Importation of goods is known to be an inseparable part of business for all those domestic and foreign companies. They need to supply special goods and services which may not be available inside the country or they need them to be supplied from their parent company.

Importing process may be similar in many European and western countries but it is different to a great extent in Iran. Many foreign companies hire local business experts to facilitate their importation process. Such experts usually cooperate with customs brokers who release the goods and forward them to office headquarter.

Briefly speaking, the importation process is the following:

The company in Iran orders the goods from supplier. The supplier quote for the ordered products and if they were ok, the supplier issues the proforma invoice. The company assess the proforma and checks the specifications of products in the proforma which must conform to the goods ordered. If it conforms to the order, the company request for import permit in the website of the ministry of industries, mines and trade. If the ministry confirmed the proforma (it depends on the kind of goods which may require specific certificates like sanitary, quarantine or military permissions), the company gets the governmental permit.

The next step is obtaining insurance policy. The company must insure the goods in a valid insurance company which is a necessity for releasing the goods. It usually takes two days for the insurance policy to be obtained (getting ministry permission normally takes 1 day if the product has the record of importation). After getting the insurance policy, the company shall consider payment method which is almost the most important part of importation process.

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