Importing Process in Iran (Part 3)

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The next step in the importation of goods is instructing a valid inspection company. Usually the company instruct an inspection agent in the supplier`s country. The cost of inspection is mostly paid by the supplier unless otherwise agreed. When inspection is done, the company shall instruct a forwarding agent. The forwarder may use land, sea or air to transfer the goods to the destination.

All documents related to the goods should be submitted to the forwarder so it will face no problem while entering the customs (either the customs of country of origin or the customs of other transit countries). Definitely, the company is responsible for freight.

When the goods are submitted to the destination customs, customs broker are the ones who should release the goods. The customs agents check all documents especially the proforma invoice which should be congruent to the goods. The goods shall not be among restricted merchandise and all sanitary or other governmental certificates and permissions should be already obtained.

If there was no problem with the goods and related documents, the customs officials permit the release of the goods. Usually forwarders are instructed to deliver the goods to the location of company. If it is not so, the company should instruct another forwarding agent to transfer the goods from customs to the company location or warehouse.

This is the end of importation process which may take between 15 days to 3 months, based on the documents acquired.


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