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Iran is now facing an ambivalent business condition. As Iran presidential election will take place on May 19th, no one can be sure about the outcomes of such an election. There are six election candidates currently who hold various economic and political tendencies. The future of Iran`s business largely depends on the measures which will be taken by the future president. Generally, there are two major political parties in Iran; Moderators and extremists.

Moderators are usually in favor of making a good and fruitful communication with other countries of the world. Mr. Rouhani, the current president of Iran, is a moderator. Although he tried a lot to make international ties with other countries and concluded agreements with US and EU in this regard, unfortunately due to US misconducts and breaking its commitments, he could not make the economic situation so much better. He still insists on making the situation better by attracting foreign investment and capitals while the extremists believe he will make the situation worse by his unwise decisions.

Extremists generally believe that Iran shall go on its routine proud path by continuing its nuclear programs and other domestic plans with no fear from US or other European enemies. They count on national production and believe that the threats of west will have no effect on our actions. They are mostly known as nationalists who do not usually hold a positive view toward western countries but work hard for the betterment of country.

Who comes up as the next president of Iran will have a sensitive and decisive role in the economic and political future of the country. Iran has experienced a good path of glory and success in recent years and showed an acceptable progress both in foreign investment and commercial plans.

We should all wait willingly for the near bright future which may come with many surprises for all those who are interested in Iran`s market.


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