Iran`s 12th President is Hasan Rouhani

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After Iran`s presidential election on May 19th, Hasan Rouhani could gain more than 23 million votes from total 42 million votes of Iranian citizens all over the world and become the 12th president of Iran. Rouhani is considered to be a moderate president with his common and specific characteristics.

Moderators in Iran usually hold a peaceful relationship with the rest of the world and try to make business and political connections with other countries while extremists are more intended to hold their nationalists views and depend more on their internal and domestic capabilities rather than gaining foreign supports.

President Rouhani tried hard to lift many nuclear and banking sanctions, held by EU and USA and succeeded to some extent but there are still sanctions which are not lifted and president Rouhani aims to work toward removing them. In his previous presidency, he made a good vision of Iran in the world so many tourists and foreign investors were attracted to Iran and helped Iran`s static economy grow faster but Iran still has huge capacities for various forms of investment.

Many believe that moderators make the country dependent upon foreign governments and vanish domestic industries and increase unemployment and poverty, but moderators believe we work in both fields and try to expand our relations with the world which leads to a better and more prosperous domestic economy.

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