How to Get Iran Visa

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According to Iran law, those who want to get Iran visa, have two choices:

They can either refer to Iran embassy in their country, fill a related form and make an appointment for their visa interview or get an invitation letter from an Iranian partner, agency or firm which greatly facilitates their getting visa.

In the first way, the passenger shall have a good reason for travelling to Iran and shall provide various proofs to justify his/her actions and plans he/she is going to have in Iran. Unfortunately, Iran embassy officials are strict to some extent which makes getting Iran Visa difficult. The reason behind this is political issues and terrorism counteraction. The situation and conditions are harder for those who intend to come to Iran for the first time. Consequently, many visa applicants are rejected and have to find a solution.

The second way is much more easier and solves the problem for those who are unsuccessful in testing the first way. In this way, passengers try to find an Iranian firm or agency which provides visa invitation services. Such firms or agencies issue an invitation letter for the applicant and takes a little fee for their services. Then the passenger takes the invitation letter to the embassy and fills a related form. This time, he does not need to have an interview as the embassy has trust in the inviting party who is an Iranian citizen.

The first way does not give us a precise estimate on the duration that it takes for the visa to be issued but the second way is more exact. It almost takes 3-5 days from getting the invitation letter for the Iran visa to be issued. Although in extreme situations, it may take a bit longer. Those who do not have much time and want to have their Iran visa soon, usually apply for such visa invitation letter.

FAR Law firm is one of those legitimate firms in Iran which issue visa invitations for foreign applicants all over the world. This is a new service recently added to our multiple legal commercial services to help all those who desire to travel to Iran for business or vocational purposes. FAR law firm guarantees the best price and fastest possible way for issuing visa invitation letters which distinguishes it from all other law firms and travel agencies.

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