FOREIGN INVESTMENT PROMOTION AND PROTECTION ACT (FIPPA) Chapter One: Definitions Article 1. The terms and expressions used in this Act shall have the following meanings: Act: The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act. Foreign Investor: Non-Iranian natural and/or juridical persons or Iranians using capital with foreign origin, who have obtained the Investment License referred to […]

Foreign Citizens Travel Insurance

BYLAW No. 77 (General Conditions of Foreign Citizens Travel Insurance) To enforce Article 77 Of ” Establishment Of Central Insurance and Underwriting Act” and the directive of Article 13 of the executory rules of Article 91 of the 4th Economic, Social and Cultural Development plan of Islamic Republic of Iran, Irans Supreme Council of Insurance […]

Chabahar free zone in Iran

a) Headquarters Administrational bldg.-commercial & Industrial Free Zone Organization-Chabahar Free Zone Phone:00985454442200-8 Fax:00985454442229 b) Tehran Office 2st floor- No. 143- next to 29th St.-Khaled Eslambooli St.-Tehran Post code:9921758711 Phone:00982188879373-4 Fax:00982188771061 2) Geographical Location As large as 14,000 ha, Chabahar Free Zone is located and established at east Chabahar gulf, in the vicinity of Chabahar Port […]

Qeshm free zone in Iran

a) Headquarters Pardis crossroad-Emamgholikhan Blvd,-Qeshm Island Phone:00987635241710 00987635241700 00987635242273 Fax: 00987635242268 00987635241712 b) Tehran Office No. 143- next to 29th St.-Khaled Eslambooli St.-Tehran Phone:00982188770235 Fax: 00982188771068 Phone & fax: 00982188771060 00982188771062 00982188771063 2) Geographical Location The largest Island in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm is situated at the mouth of the strait of Hormoz, 22 kms […]

Kish free zone in Iran

a) Headquarters Sanaei St.-Kish Island Post code: 79417-83775 Phone:00987644422141-2 00987644423641-2 Fax:00987644423596 b) Tehran office 1st floor- no. 143- next to 29th St.-Khaled Eslambooli St.-Tehran Post code: 15166-13313 P.O.Box : 19395-4588 Phone & Fax: 00982188771060 00982188771062 00982188771063 2) Geographical Location Kish Island has a surface area of 90 square kilometers, with an outer boundary of 40kms, […]

Supportive government policies of Iran

The Law on foreign investment in Iran under the name of “Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act” (FIPPA) was ratified by the parliament in 2002.Some specific enhancements introduced by FIPPA for foreign investment in Iran can be outlined as follows: 1-Broader fields for involvement by foreign investors including in major infrastructure, 2-Broader definition given to […]

Import HandiCrafts & Carpet From Iran (Trade Opportunity with IRAN Market)

Enamel The art of Minakari or Enamelling is called miniature of fire as well as the decoration of metal and tile with mina glaze. Minakari or Enamelling is the art of painting, colouring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colours that are decorated in an intricate design. Mina is the […]

How Base Volume is calculated in Tehran Stock Exchange?

Base Volume is used to control dealings and prohibiting huge fluctuations in stock exchanges. Base Volume is assert only for the stocks which is listed in Bourse market of Tehran Stock Echange (TSE). TSE has 2 major markets which are Bourse and Farabourse, Base Volume is active only in Bourse market of TSE, in Farabourse […]

Iran’s Banking Industry

• Iran’s banking industry has a 90-year history. • There are currently 30 banks and 5 financial/credit institutions active in Iran. • 20 private banks, 5 specialized government banks, 3 commercial government-owned banks, 2 Gharzolhasaneh bank (Islamic non-profit granting funds). • The most important weakness of Iranian banking sector is, many of Iranian bank financial […]

Opportunities for Investment in Renewable Energies

Increasingly industrial societies depend on reliable and secure energy supplies for economic growth. Concerns around energy consumption, environment and climate change are growing as emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes contribute 80 percent of the total gas emitters. To ensure a future of economic prosperity and improved quality of living for all, fundamental […]