Due Diligence Report in Iran

According to the risky condition of Iran business market, many foreign companies usually perform a due diligence report on the target company before entering into a contract or transaction. Unlike many other countries, a wide range of information of Iranian companies are unavailable to the public and even their websites do not provide standard and […]


LC Payment by Iranian Banks

Nowadays, almost all Iranian banks can handle payments through LC (Letter of Credit) which is a very common way of international payment in global business. What makes international payments difficult for Iranian companies is the limited number of foreign banks which accept LC from Iranian banks. Due to sanctions held upon Iranian banks, only a […]


The 3 Best Places To Work in Iran

Sanofi, Novonordisk and Novartis Iran were awarded the best places to work in Iran for 2018, according to the annual Workplace program driven by the prestigious global research firm BPTW and conducted among different companies operating in Iran from different business sectors. Best Places to Work program is an international program providing employers in different […]


Why and how Iran business transfer money to Kunlun bank

Iran is opening up, which means that trade with Iran is growing prosperous. However, receiving/making payments to/from Iran is still a problem. However if smart trader know should know how to take this weak point to advantage with Kunlun bank payment and save more 5% cost as profit. Top 3 questions I was asked by many […]


Swift System in Iran

One of the most vital systems of international section of all banks is swift system which makes possible the financial messages correspondences between domestic and foreign correspondents. The system is under the supervision of Belgium swift institute and banks can use the system services by joining the institute. Many Iranian banks also joined the institute officially […]


How to Get Iran Visa

According to Iran law, those who want to get Iran visa, have two choices: They can either refer to Iran embassy in their country, fill a related form and make an appointment for their visa interview or get an invitation letter from an Iranian partner, agency or firm which greatly facilitates their getting visa. In […]


Current Iran Business Status

Iran is now facing an ambivalent business condition. As Iran presidential election will take place on May 19th, no one can be sure about the outcomes of such an election. There are six election candidates currently who hold various economic and political tendencies. The future of Iran`s business largely depends on the measures which will […]


Iran Visa

For getting Iran visa, FAR law firm has set up a plan and arranged the affairs with the foreign ministry so that all foreign tourists, businessmen and all those who want to enter Iran can contact us and ask us for the visa. We provide you all that you need for coming to Iran and starting […]


Iran`s Shifting Business and Industry

Iran used to be an excluded economy with multiple financial and investment opportunities  which seemed faded in the shade of deadly sanctions. Investment and export rates were so low that even most optimistic economy analyzers were pessimistic on Iran`s unclear economic future. There was a period of recession in almost all commercial aspects of the […]


Importing Process in Iran (Part 3)

The next step in the importation of goods is instructing a valid inspection company. Usually the company instruct an inspection agent in the supplier`s country. The cost of inspection is mostly paid by the supplier unless otherwise agreed. When inspection is done, the company shall instruct a forwarding agent. The forwarder may use land, sea […]