Legal Risk Management

Risk management and intense scrutiny of legal barriers and restrictions to commercial transactions and projects, legal solutions suitable for economic and legal environment of Iran and international trade requirements in conformity with export and import regulations, customs, transportation and insurance, competition law, consumer protection laws, advertising laws, banking regulations, economic sanctions and international trade usage […]

Lease of Immovable Property

Lease of immovable property has long been a lucrative business and owners let their property to avoid loss of profit. There are even investors who buy property to increase their income through letting it. Several bodies of law in Iran concern the relation between parties to a lease contract. The multiplicity of laws in this […]

Inheritance Law

Death is one of the legal means for appropriation of property. Upon a person’s death, subject to a valid will, their property will be transferred to their heirs irrespective of their domicile. One common concern of Iranians residing abroad or holders of dual nationality is management of their property after their death. It is important […]

Immovable Property

Immovable Property such as land, apartments, and etc, might be interesting as investment options. However, negligence at the time of purchasing, delivery or maintenance of such property might give rise to a plethora of legal complications. The most common disputes regarding immovable property could include eviction, demolition, obligation to provide an ownership deed , proof […]

Family Law

A nuclear family consists of a husband, wife and children, the legal foundation of which is the marriage agreement. Economic problems, absence of chemistry between the spouses, addiction to narcotic drugs and domestic violence might bring about problems, which if not solved through amicable means, may lead to adjudication. The most common disputes involve among […]