Labor Law

It would be impossible to enter any aspect of domestic or international commerce such as agency, import, export, brokerage and commissioning, unless the needed human resources are supplied. A valid concern of capital owners, and of course a potential problem of investors, is skillful management of employer-employee relations which would enable them to make use […]

Domain Name

Registration or reservation of country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) under ( .ir ) and ( ) are fulfilled in Iran provided that certain conditions are met. The conditions include: The requested domain should be under the registration of, or otherwise uniquely connected with the applicant. The domain should not belong to a list […]

Dispute Settlement

Confidential settlement of disputes with minimal costs is a major concern of commercial companies. To achieve this goal, referral of disputes to arbitration or Alternative Dispute Resolution methods is preferred to any form of litigation in domestic courts.  However, this is not the end of the story since weak management and control of disputes could lead […]

Aviation law

Aviation law is a highly specialized branch of law which addresses all concerns associated with different facets of air travel. There are a number of eminent international conventions that regulate aviation law at a global level. However, countries could have their own national framework. The three main areas of aviation law include regulatory compliance, finances […]